Creating a package in cPanel/WHM

A package specifies several different values for a cPanel account.

This feature allows you to create a new package that can be applied to any account hosted by your server.

To create a package please follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Login to oyur WHM.

2. Click “Add a package”

WHM >> Package >> Add a package.

3. You can Specify teh disired package name

Eg: Plan100GB

4. Resources.

Define how many of each item the package offers.

Enter unlimited to allow an unlimited number, 0 to not allow any, or a specific number.

5. Settings Options.

Dedicated IP :

A static, unchanging IP address that will not be shared with other accounts unless the user specifies an account for which the IP should be shared.

This is ideal for resellers.

Note: You cannot edit this option later

Shell Access

Allows the user to access the server through a command line interface.

FrontPage Extensions:

Allows the user to install FrontPage® extensions to the new account.

CGI Access:

Allows the new account to execute CGI scripts.

cPanel Theme:

Choose the cPanel theme to use. By default its x3.

Feature List:

Feature lists define which cPanel features will be available to cPanel users. To edit or create a feature list, you will need to use the WHM Feature Manager.


You can select teh desired language to assign to the cPanel accounts.

6. Click Add.

You have created a new package successfully!

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