Cpanel scripts

When cPanel & WHM is installed, a number of predefined scripts become available in your server’s /scripts directory. One can use any of the scripts simply by typing its location in a terminal session. For example, if we wanted to run the update script, we would type:


The available scripts are:-

build_maxemails_config — Sets limits on the amount of email that users can send from domains on your server. 
easyapache — Upgrades and reinstalls Apache. 
phpextensionmgr — Manages PHP extensions. 
*up — Updates a service. The following update scripts are available for the services noted: 
  courierup — Courier mail server. 
  cpaddonsup — cPanel’s addon scripts. 
  dovecotup — Dovecot mail server. 
  eximup — Exim mail exchanger. 
  ftpup — FTP servers (ProFTP and Pure-FTP). 
  imapup — IMAP mail server. 
  mysqlup —MySQL service. 
  nsdup — BIND nameserver. 
  phpup — Current version of PHP. 
  suphpup — SuPHP tool for handling PHP requests. 
restartsrv_* — Restarts a service. simply replace the asterisk (*) in restartsrv_* with the term: 
  apache — Apache web server. 
  bind — BIND nameserver software. 
  chkservd — cPanel’s TailWatch log processing service. 
  clamd — ClamAV anti-virus software. 
  courier — Courier mail server. 
  cpdavd — cPanel’s WebDAV server. 
  cppop — cPanel’s POP server. 
  dovecot — Dovecot mail server. 
  entropychat — Entropy chat client. 
  exim — Exim mail exchanger. 
  eximstats — Exim mail statistics tracker. 
  ftpserver — FTP server. 
  httpd — Apache web server. 
  imap — IMAP server. 
  inetd — Super-server daemon for managing Internet services. 
  interchange — Interchange e-commerce software. 
  ipaliases — IP aliasing software. 
  melange — Melange chat client. 
  mysql — MySQL database server. 
  named — BIND nameserver software. 
  nsd — Open-source NSD nameserver daemon. 
  postgres — PostgresSQL database service. 
  postgresql — PostgreSQL database service. 
  proftpd — ProFTP server daemon. 
  pureftpd — Pure-FTP server daemon. 
  rsyslogd — Open-source log forwarder daemon. 
  spamd — Spam-deferral daemon. 
  sshd — Secure shell daemon. 
  syslogd — Log forwarder daemon. 
  tailwatchd — cPanel’s TailWatch log processing service. 
  tomcat — Apache Tomcat service. 
  xinetd — Open-source super-server daemon. 
addpop — Adds a POP account. 
delpop — Removes a POP account. 
wwwacct — Adds a cPanel account. 
killacct - Removes a cPanel account.
killdns - Removes a DNS zone.
restorepkg — Restores a package. 
cpbackup — Runs backups as configured in WHM >> Main >> Backup >> Configure Backup. 
pkgacct — Creates a cPanel backup of an account. 
upcp — Updates cPanel and WHM. 
upcp-running — Specifies whether a upcp command is running.
setupmailserver — Allows you to switch between mailservers. 
setupftpserver — Allows you to switch between FTP servers. 
setupnameserver — Allows switching between DNS servers. 
checkperlmodules — Contains a list of standard CPAN modules to install on cPanel servers. This script is used in conjunction
fixperlscript - Allows to specify a Perl script that needs to be scanned and repaired.
realperlinstaller, below. This script can be used with the following arguments: 
 --force will reinstall every module, regardless of whether or not it is working. 
 --full will ensure that all modules are present as opposed to only checking for essential modules. 
realperlinstaller — A wrapper script that automates the installation of Perl CPAN modules. 
suspendacct — Suspends an account. 
unsuspendacct — Unsuspends an account. 
runweblogs — Updates statistics for a user. 
runstatsonce — Updates statistics for all users. 
makecpphp — Re-installs cPanel’s internal PHP. 
portsup — Updates ports (FreeBSD® systems only). 
check_users_my_cnf — Check user accounts for ~/.my.cnf files that do not work and disable them. This script only returns output when it detects a bad .my.cnf. 
comparegdbm — Compare the contents of 2 GDBM files. It is required to specify the 2 GDBM files if one wishes to compare after the script. 
For example: /scripts/comparegdbm $file1 $file2 where the $file1 and $file2 represent the 2 files you wish to compare.
autorepair - For repairing spam database, horde patch etc.
builddovecotconf - Builds Dovecot conf file.
buildeximconf - Builds Exim conf file.
buildhttpdconf - Builds http conf file.
chcpass - command line password changing script for cPanel servers. eg:- /scripts/chcpass user2 newpassword
chkmydns - Performs a simple configuration check of MyDNS.
cleanphpsessions - Clear PHP sessions.
cphulkdblacklist - To manage blacklists in the command line. eg:- /scripts/cphulkdblacklist
cphulkdwhitelist - To manage whitelists in the command line. eg:- /scripts/cphulkdwhitelist
installzendopt - Installs Zend Optimizer
installgd - Installs GD
installsqlite3 - Installs Sqlite3
installpostgres - Installs PostgreSQL
installruby - Installs Ruby in the server
installimagemagick - Installs ImageMagik on the server.
reinstallmailman — Reinstall MailMan
fixmailinglistperms — Repairs permissions for all mailing list files and directories.
generate_maildirsize– Fix mailbox size
mailperm - Corrects the permissions of the user mail directories.
makecpphp - Compile cpanel php
phpini - Rebuilds php.ini
rebuildippool - Rebuild Ip Address Pool.
rebuildhttpdconf - Rebuilds the HTTP conf.
update_db_cache- This script updates the mysql database usage.
ipusage - Display IP usage Report.
whoowns - Display which user owns a particular domain.
updatenameserverips - Updates the nameserver IP addresses in the server.
updateuserdomains — Update /etc/userdomains file 
sysup — Syncup Cpanel RPM Updates 
quicksecure — Kill Potential Security Problem Services
fixwebalizer — Run this if a user’s stats stop working
fixquotas — Fix account’s quota
fixhome — Fix Permissions on accounts
fixndc — To try and fix domain controller
findtrojans — Locate Trojan Horses
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